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Arrest has been made in the case of Annie Le

Posted in news on September 19, 2009 by maryrestaino

The alleged killer of Annie Le has finally been caught.

Raymond Clark III, a technician in the lab where Annie Le conducted research, was arrested Thursday, a day after authorities took DNA samples from him to compare with evidence from the crime scene. Le’s body was found hidden behind a wall on what should have been her wedding day.

Police have said they don’t know the motive. “The only person who knows the motive is the suspect,” Chief James Lewis told The Associated Press in a telephone interview Friday. “It’s true in many cases. You never know absolutely unless the person confesses, and in this case it’s too early to tell.” Reports say it appears to be a case of workplace violence.

I am glad they caught the alleged killer and that they have enough evidence to keep him in jail. I don’t see why understanding the motive is so important. More importantly, prosecutors may face difficult questions in Clark’s trial about why they didn’t restrict access to the lab after Le was reported missing, legal experts said. Le disappeared on a Tuesday, and authorities didn’t close it until the weekend. Clark apparently attempted to clean up the evidence of the crime afterwards.;_ylt=AhD_Z_bNvqSwjv4Eki4dIyBH2ocA;_ylu=X3oDMTJpbjN2bWd1BGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMDkwOTE5L3VzX3lhbGVfa2lsbGluZwRjcG9zAzcEcG9zAzcEc2VjA3luX3RvcF9zdG9yaWVzBHNsawNjaGllZnBvbGljZW0


Another beautiful day

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Another beautiful day

Spending it with you

Makes it even better

A sad ending

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The story of the missing Yale Graduate student Annie Le has reached a sad end. A body that is assumed to be hers was reportedly found inside a wall in the basement of 10 Amistad St. in New Haven, the building where she was last seen Tuesday morning.

Le, 24, was a 24-year-old pharmacology student with a bright future. Another sad coincidence, her body was found on Sunday, the day she and her fiancé were supposed to be married.

When it was said on news reports she was observed on security video entering but not leaving, I suspected the worst. This case reminds me of the worker that was found dead in a Manhattan building months ago, her body also found hidden.

It seems that more needs to be done overall to protect the safety of women in the workplace. A woman should feel safe on the job, and those that love her shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not she will come home.

I hope that the person or persons responsible for killing Annie Le are caught. Not only for the sake of justice, but also to prevent a killer from killing again.

Eventful week

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First day of school, yesterday. My teens go today.

Below are pictures of sunrise, and one of the moon that is reluctant to give up the morning sky.




There’s a chill in the air, rain is predicted, currently 60 degrees

Go on, give it a try

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The time has come

Take a chance

Try something new

Or a different approach

To an old challenge

Don’t let fear of change

Keep you from a destiny

That can be better

Than you ever imagined


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My son and I spent some time together this afternoon. We were spending time at the beach when this sailboat went by. Later, my son did some clowning around in the cardboard box our new dryer was delivered in.

Carnival goldfish beats the odds

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We never had much luck with goldfish. We set up a ten gallon tank, with a few goldfish, and they always died, one by one. We tried everything: taking samples of water to the pet store, buying chemicals that are recommended, not having too many in the tank at once, watching the amount we were feeding them. They always died anyway after a week or two.

Until my daughter brought home a goldfish she won at a carnival.

Of course, I was skeptical that this one would escape the clutches of the grim reaper. We got an ordinary plastic goldfish bowl and put him in. We got him a “companion” goldfish from the feeder tank at the pet store for 19 cents. With our track record, I wasn’t investing a lot of money.

The companion goldfish died after about two weeks, but the carnival goldfish is still going strong after almost 2 months. My daughter doesn’t even change the water in the bowl that often, about once a week or so.

I’m amazed.