Symbols of loss

All that’s left is

Broken glass on the side of the road

Catching the light of the night

Twisted car wreckage

About to be hauled away

A building burned

Or boarded

Symbols of memories



Claimed by death


And fate


9 Responses to “Symbols of loss”

  1. The stark structure of the poem reinforces the dark theme. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. taylorprescott Says:

    I like the abruptness of this poem. It’s very clear, and subsequently, a powerful piece.



  3. Captures the cold barren landscape of loss. Very powerful.

  4. ouch. this one leaves me with a chill for things left behind and forgotten…

  5. Loss..
    You can never read loss without feeling it ..

    Thanks for sharing

  6. only if you experience it, you feel the pain,
    awesome poem.

  7. Very strong poem. It illustrates the intense dark emotions of tragic happenstance.

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