Russian Siberian Tiger


Received a postcard with a picture of this majestic animal, the Russian Siberian tiger.

The Siberian tiger can reach 6.5 to 12 feet in length (including its tail) and weighs between 400 to 800 pounds. The Siberian tiger has thick yellow-orange fur with dark stripes.
Siberian tigers are native to Russia and China. In Russia, the Siberian tiger is sometimes called the Amur tiger, Manchurian tiger and the Northeast China tiger.



One Response to “Russian Siberian Tiger”

  1. Siberian tigers are incredible animals, they are the largest species of cat in the world. Unfortunately, they are one of the most endangered species in the world. In the wild they were fewer than three thousand, and the number is rapidly decreasing. I’m afraid it will soon disappear forever.

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