Nurturing yourself and your relationships


A relationship with ourselves is like a houseplant that needs to be watered and tended. You feed a houseplant with water and sunlight; plants are even said to respond when you talk to them. When I neglect my houseplant, forget to water it or leave it out in the bright sun for too long, the leaves of the plant turn brown and begin to wither and die.

So we must also tend to ourselves and ultimately our relationships. The more we have within us, the more we have to give others so we can keep a symbiotic relationship with the universe. We need to feed the flower of our spirit to experience new opportunities for personal and professional growth. How do we do this? By listening to our inner voice. For so long, since as a child from a dysfunctional home, somehow I learned to ignore my inner voice, that how I felt inside didn’t matter. As a result, my spirit never fully bloomed.

Well, my feelings do matter and so do yours. Each one of us can and should use our feelings and intuitions to guide us through our journey in this life. As a full-time homemaker and mother returning to the work force, I am learning to use my inner voice to evaluate possible job and volunteer opportunities that will allow me to grow spiritually and professionally. I ask myself, “Would I enjoy doing this, does this make use of my natural talents?” “Do I believe this product or service will benefit others?” I also make time for my hobbies and trying new things.

Self-nurturing also means taking care of my physical health and doing things I don’t necessarily enjoy. Tasks such as seeing a doctor for an annual exam, seeing a dentist regularly or going outside to take my morning run. With each of these rituals I tell myself that I am important.

As I nurture myself, I have more to give my friends, family, husband and children. I feed each relationship with the tender care I show my houseplants. I make time for my friends and loved ones with regular telephone and in-person contact. We do fun things together to give our relationship a healthy balance. Our relationship grows stronger over time, and I am careful not to crush it with unrealistic expectations.

Staying away from people with negative energy is also important for my well-being; this action protects the energy and strength of my spirit. If I don’t enjoy talking or being friends with someone, I just don’t talk to them anymore. I release them with love to continue on their own journey with best wishes and no bitter feelings.

When I nurture myself I am happier and a more valuable friend. My spirit continues to flourish and grow, just like my houseplants.




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