Carnival goldfish beats the odds


We never had much luck with goldfish. We set up a ten gallon tank, with a few goldfish, and they always died, one by one. We tried everything: taking samples of water to the pet store, buying chemicals that are recommended, not having too many in the tank at once, watching the amount we were feeding them. They always died anyway after a week or two.

Until my daughter brought home a goldfish she won at a carnival.

Of course, I was skeptical that this one would escape the clutches of the grim reaper. We got an ordinary plastic goldfish bowl and put him in. We got him a “companion” goldfish from the feeder tank at the pet store for 19 cents. With our track record, I wasn’t investing a lot of money.

The companion goldfish died after about two weeks, but the carnival goldfish is still going strong after almost 2 months. My daughter doesn’t even change the water in the bowl that often, about once a week or so.

I’m amazed.


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