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Waiting for you

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Wildflowers, wild birds

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Russian Siberian Tiger

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Received a postcard with a picture of this majestic animal, the Russian Siberian tiger.

The Siberian tiger can reach 6.5 to 12 feet in length (including its tail) and weighs between 400 to 800 pounds. The Siberian tiger has thick yellow-orange fur with dark stripes.
Siberian tigers are native to Russia and China. In Russia, the Siberian tiger is sometimes called the Amur tiger, Manchurian tiger and the Northeast China tiger.


This evening on Long Island

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These photographs were taken at two different beaches this evening before sunset. I am trying to remember to take my camera everywhere I go to take advantage of photo opportunities. Would also like to overcome my reluctance to approach people for photographs. It is 75 degrees Farenheit as I write this.

Sunny, warm and breezy

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Photos taken at 8:30 am, Mastic Beach, Long Island. The dock in the first photo is Cranberry Dock, the landscape in the distance is Smith Point camping ground. The second is a photo of  wetlands in the area. The temperature is 62 degrees F, with thunderstorms a possibility later in the day. At 10:30 am, the clouds are beginning to roll in.


Beautiful day

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Birthday fun

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Sometimes the best birthdays are the ones you share with close family and friends. I just opted for a birthday cake and ice cream. Here, my young son is waiting for a piece of cake.