Spooky tree picture

I went with a photography club yesterday to the William Floyd Estate, located in Mastic Beach, NY. We were only allowed to photograph the grounds of the estate. William Floyd was a signer of the Declaration of Independence as the representative of New York. The home and grounds are maintained by the park service. While photographing on the property, this tree caught my eye. Look carefully, I think it looks sort of spooky.


2 Responses to “Spooky tree picture”

  1. I can see figuresin that tree trunk yep spooky

  2. I am unsure as to the age of this silent elder of the Floyd property or the species ,Perhaps a Poplar regardless the test of time and this old giants witness to the ages is easily read within it,s complicated form .
    Half Ojibwe on my Mothers side the Original People speak of trees quite a lot and their signifigance for example it is said that when many roots are evident then the Tree has seen many lay down roots in that area as seen on the tree here 8 times lucky !
    Plus the branches so intertwined instead of clean speaks of many divergent paths through the ages besides the notches of slain trees ,So despite characteristics of certain species when grown under time this tree has much to say !

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