To buy or not to buy name brands?

Yes, I buy generic brands, sometimes.

I was in a grocery store yesterday, where a generic “Pop Tarts” were on sale for about a dollar or so less than real thing. Of course, being short on money I bought these for my daughter. My teenage daughter doesn’t have lunch period this year in high school, and also doesn’t eat breakfast. She takes two of the Pop Tarts to school every day.

“I told you not to buy these,” she said, rolling her eyes. “They taste like crap.” Meanwhile, my husband had one and said they taste fine. “He’ll eat anything,” my daughter argued.

I also plan to buy generic cereal more often. I bought three boxes of cereal at the store the other day, paying about $5 per box. My oldest son, 17, eats the stuff all of the time, because he is too lazy to make himself anything else. After two days, two of the three boxes were almost gone. Except the Cheerios. “ I told you, Mom, get Honey Nut Cheerios,” my daughter complained once again.

How important is it to have to have name brands? If each child closed their eyes and sampled the generic store brand next to the name brand, could they tell the difference?

I wonder, maybe I’ll try a taste test.


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