New family members

This has been a great month for our family, as we have acquired two wonderful new pets.

The first of which is an adult female cat who answered a call from my children who were calling our other cat, Mickey. My daughter fed this cat and was surprised when it followed her home. We were saddened to learn that, upon taking it to a veterinarian; she is infected with feline aids. The vet cautioned us about keeping her as she would be at risk to pass on the virus to our other cats. I was fortunate enough to find a rescue group that were willing to pay for her spay and other medical care. It was eventually determined that she’d already been spayed. We are in the process of obtaining an outside shelter for her and will feed her separately, hopefully reducing the risk she will pass on the virus to the other healthy cats we have.

The other cat is a male kitten that we obtained two days ago. How he introduced himself is a heartwarming story. My son and I were outside Thursday morning, getting ready to go to the bus stop. I had my front door slightly open as I was going inside. This kitten, out of nowhere, that we’d never seen before, suddenly bolts from some bushes across the street, runs across the road, and tries to run right into the house! He put his head in the door, and I had to physically pull him back from going inside. We leave no water or food outside.

A woman I know, who does animal rescue, with 120 cats, offered to take him. She offered to pay for his medical care, she has a veterinarian that handles all of her rescued cats. Within two days, the kitten had been neutered and all received all necessary medical care. I left money to cover the bill, although she didn’t ask me to. My kids begged me to keep him, and I couldn’t see giving him to someone who already had too many animals. Here’s a picture of our new family member:


I was told by the animal rescue worker that often when the summer is over, or when people move, pets get tossed out like garbage. The population of feral and abandoned animals is especially high in Rocky Point and Mastic Beach, where I live.


2 Responses to “New family members”

  1. Marri (RonnieL in postcrossing) Says:

    Greetings from Finland!

    So lovely story! Good luck to the new family members!

    What comes to question of rising amount of abandoned animals, sadly we have very much similar problem here in Finland too. People take animals (most often cats) during their vacation little bit like being living toys or something and when it comes to time move back to normal routine, they just leave them on their own. 😦

    Although the problem is still far from vanish yet, at least things have been going to little better direction in here. There have been lots of campaings related to theme and at least what I have read lately, they have really got some results too. 🙂

    Like you might have already guessed, I ended up here thru your profile in You have a nice blog. And there are some very beautiful pictures in here. 🙂 All the best you and your family (both human and animal members)!

    Best wishes,
    Marri (RonnieL in postcrossing)

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