Don’t be scammed by collect calls

Last night, I received a collect call, supposedly from an inmate in a correctional facility. The recording spoke a name that was unrecognizable to me. I don’t know anyone who is being incarcerated.

I looked this up online, and it appears to be some sort of scam where the inmate hopes you accept and will enter a code, allowing them to make calls that will be charged to your number.

A similar scam is being reported in Tallahassee, Florida. Florida Highway Patrol is issuing an alert to citizens regarding a phone scam that is spreading throughout Florida. Callers (con artists) who are impersonating Florida Highway Patrol Troopers, as well as other law enforcement officers, have been contacting citizens by telephone at random advising them that a family member has been involved in a traffic crash. The con artist urges the phone owner to dial either *72 or 72# in order to speak with a doctor. By doing this, the phone owner will unknowingly permit the caller on the other end to use their phone line for making local or long distance telephone calls.

Be aware, before you accept any collect calls. If in doubt, just hang up.


2 Responses to “Don’t be scammed by collect calls”

  1. arunraaj Says:

    hey mary…long tym…havent seen you around…by the way i have added you to my blogroll..
    and your post is interesting

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