Can your car reach the one million miles mark?

If you just purchased or paid off your car, you probably wish it could make it to the one-million-mile mark. But can it be done? The consensus seems to be that with regular maintenance and the required parts replacements over the years, most modern cars can go the distance.

According to Edmunds, the top five ways to make your car run “forever” are: Follow your service schedule, check fluids and tire pressures regularly, go easy during startup, use a single high-grade fuel, and have good driving habits. If you aren’t knowledgeable about maintenance basics, there are plenty of online resources available, as well as consulting with your car dealership or your favorite mechanic. Read the full article:  

I am glad I read this article because I never knew a regular, modern car could rack up so many miles. I’ll take extra care of my Nissan Quest minivan with 124,000 miles on it from now on.


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