Photos taken on my road trip

Here are the first few of my pictures from my road trip to Mississippi:


I snapped this photo in front of the hotel we stayed at in Woodstock, Virginia – our first stop during our trip. I love those beautiful mountains off in the distance. You can also see the clouds rolling in.

Below are photos of a scenic view in Tennessee, off of Route 75.




Here is a photo of a Route 75 sign in Tennessee.

Another thing I wanted to share about my trip through Tennessee: It was actually snowing on the way down. While traveling down on Route 81, we saw a house on fire. The weird thing is I couldn’t see anyone around the house. I believe the house may have caught on fire when someone tried to burn some wood or something to keep warm on an unusually snowy Tennessee day.


2 Responses to “Photos taken on my road trip”

  1. arunraaj Says:

    how was the trip??
    by the way i love your blog..
    your life…your way..
    keep in touch

  2. maryrestaino Says:

    The trip was great, I’m glad I went. Next time though, I’m taking someone along who can share the driving!

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