Ten more tips to make housework easier

Ten more tips to make housework easier

1.       In the morning: soak your dishes in the sink with hot water and detergent. Walk around with a garbage bag and pick up loose items. Make the beds. Douse toilet tissue with rubbing alcohol and wipe down the bathroom fixtures.

2.       Use a carpet sweeper for the rug and a feather duster for coffee and end tables. Add a few drops of water to a cleaning rag for faster dusting and cleaning. Run back to take care of the dishes.

3.       When cleaning, start at the top and work your way down. Clean cobwebs with an upward motion to avoid smearing them on walls.

4.       Ceiling fans can be cleaned with a rag dipped in soapy water, just wipe on the bottom and top of each blade and dry. After cleaning ceiling fans, apply a coat of floor wax to help keep dust from settling back on them.

5.       Blinds can be wiped with a damp fabric softener sheet to eliminate the static cling which collects dust.

6.       A blow dryer on the low setting can be used to clean pleated lamp shades.

7.       You can make your own furniture polish: 1 teaspoon lemon oil to two cups mineral oil.

8.       Polish ashtrays with furniture polish before using; they will wipe clean easier after use.

9.       A roller lint brush removes pet hair off your furniture.

10.   To keep your kitchen smelling nice, dampen some cotton balls with vanilla and place around the kitchen.




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