So long ago



Your letters I’ve thrown away

Your small gifts lost

Like our love that wasted away and died

So long ago

You were afraid to give

Reluctant to navigate the rough sea of life

We didn’t struggle to keep our boat afloat

So long ago

The details of what transpired

Have faded like the evening sun

We both could have tried harder

So long ago


3 Responses to “So long ago”

  1. arunraaj Says:

    i liked this poem….so long ago..

    and i love the way you blog..
    sorry couldn’t reply to your comments on my poems..
    and by the way i am adding you to my blog roll and providing a link to your blog in my blog site..


    hope to see ya around..

  2. maryrestaino Says:

    Thank you for your kind words. I’ll see you around!

  3. so heres my blog address mary..

    offering a hand of friendship in real life..

    care to accept??

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