How to effectively cope with change in your life


If it’s one thing we know about life, it’s that nothing stays the same. Situations in our outer environment change, people change, and we ourselves change.
Most likely, you are powerless over most or all of the changes in your life if they are occurring outside of yourself.
The first thing that must be done to effectively deal with a change in your life is simply to accept it. This strategy will greatly reduce your stress level. To cope effectively, you must accept that change is occurring. If the change is to occur in the future, take advantage of that notice and begin preparing – develop a plan. Pretending the change isn’t occurring will only make the situation worse. For example, if you know you are losing or may lose your job, begin looking for a new one, and take steps every day towards that goal.
It is normal to feel frightened, angry or overwhelmed at prospective change or changes in your life, whether they are big or small. Seek out the support of friends, support groups and a therapist during this time in your life if necessary. Writing in a journal will also allow you to express your feelings in a safe way. Looking back later at what you wrote may help you see things from a new perspective.
Much of the quality of our life depends on our attitudes. Some philosophers argue that challenges are of no consequence, it is how we face them that defines our true character. Almost every situation has a positive side and can teach us important lessons if we are willing to learn. Approach your life with a positive attitude, set realistic goals and work toward them, and you will be okay. Don’t let anger and resentment carry you down a river of despair.
It is also important that you stay calm while making decisions about your future. Expect that change and frustration is a normal part of life and you will not be surprised or disappointed.


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