Ten ways to stay safe in your apartment

Ten ways to stay safe in your apartment
Apartment living can be fun because it has a social and community aspect to it. Unfortunately, personal safety can be compromised when there are a lot of people in one place, coming and going. Take these precautions to help protect your safety:
1. Never leave your door or windows open or unlocked when you go out.
2. Even when you are home, use locks, deadbolts and chains. Don’t prop your door open for friends and roommates.
3. Window and ventilation locks – All first floor and second floor windows are required to have both regular locks, which do not allow the window to open at all, and ventilation locks, which allow the window to open a few inches for ventilation but not wide enough to allow entry. These locks, when installed and used properly, will not allow entry without breaking glass. If locks are missing or don’t work, request repairs.
4. Unsecured sliding doors are a common target for unauthorized entry. Be
certain to use your patio door lock, plus use a secondary locking device such as a “Charlie bar” which is a brace that prevents the door from sliding open and is difficult to dislodge from the outside.
5. If you ever suspect there’s someone in your apartment when you come home, do not enter. Call the police immediately.
6. Don’t ever buzz anyone in that you don’t know.
7. Don’t leave a spare key outside.
8. Get renters insurance. It’s not expensive, but will help you a lot in case if something happens to your apartment and your possessions.
9. Don’t leave your curtains or blinds open so that someone can see inside your apartment.
10. Always be aware of your surroundings. If you see something or someone suspicious, call the landlord or security guard.






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