Random observations in life

shopping-cart-clipart4Random observations in life

Today I completed one of the most mundane chores, something most of us do. I went grocery shopping.

I hate grocery shopping. Gone is the small neighborhood grocery market where I knew every cashier by name. Delicatessens, a New York phenomena, have sprung up on almost every corner like dandelions. It is a wonder to me how they all survive. They sell sandwiches, convenience foods, and some grocery items. But for fresh meats, fruits, vegetables and packaged foods within our family’s budget, I must make that weekly pilgrimage.

There are three supermarkets in our area; two of which are owned by the same company. One in particular seems to have the lowest sale prices and the masses turn out in droves, especially if you have the misfortune of shopping there on the weekend or before a holiday. Prices keep getting higher and cashiers are being replaced by self check-out stations. Customers are left to scan and pack the items themselves.

Not me though, I like a full-service shopping experience. I pushed my cart past the bag-your-own lines and the self-scan checkouts and went directly for the only check-out cashier provided for customers with a full cart. As I passed a self-scan station, I observed one short, heavy-set woman with dyed-blonde hair and long, fake nails. She was looking puzzled as she turned her item every which way so that it would scan.

A few other customers had the same idea, and I waited, with my cart sticking out in the aisle. Just then, a young mother plowed through the crowd with a baby in one arm and leading a toddler with the other. She stopped at my cart and waited for me to move. I ignored her and she finally went around, exclaiming loudly, “Some people take up the whole aisle!”

I guess I’m just a dinosaur, one who remembers when shopping for food was less complicated and a little more personal.


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