Ten easy ways to reuse everyday items

Ten easy ways to reuse everyday items
Saves you money and is good for the environment.
1. My husband plays the guitar and had an idea – cut out guitar picks from old credit cards and other plastic cards. He uses a guitar pick as a model and cuts around it. He claims it works!
2. Reuse old packing materials and bubble wrap envelopes. I remove the old labels or cross them out and put lines through old postage stamps and bar codes. Boxes can also be reused if you remove packing labels or cross them out and cover them up.
3. “…cut up the heavy plastic wrap from the cases of bottled water and use it as a waterproof liner for shipping…use brown paper cut from grocery bags for the outer wrapper.” 1
4. Reuse old spaghetti sauce jars. I wash them and use them to hold small items, such as change.
5. A cat bed can be made out of a flat box, just put a blanket inside of it. They’ll love it!
6. Small containers such as film canisters or toy cases from a vending machine can be made into cat toys. Put small items such as bells or buttons in them, close them up and toss them across the floor. Cats love things that rattle and make noise. Discard when toy cracks or breaks.
7. Reuse plastic grocery bags. I put garbage in them or use them to hold clothes that I’m donating to charity. They come in handy when you run out of garbage bags. Just be careful, they leak sometimes. Another way to go green with shopping bags: purchase reusable grocery bags for a small fee.
8. Don’t discard water you cook with, pour it over your plants. It is filled with nutrients.2
9. “Used dryer sheets can be used to clean your iron, just run the iron over it on medium heat.” They can also be used to freshen up shoes.“Stick used dryer sheets into drawers to keep clothes smelling nice.”
10. “Make scratch pads and phone message pads out of old photocopies”.3
You can think of many more creative ways to reuse common disposable household items. Research on the Internet for even more ideas.
2 http://www.howcast.com/guides/1274-How-To-Reuse-Everyday-Items?rev=1


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