Ten easy ways to reduce stress in your life

Mary Restaino


January 15, 2009


Dealing with Stress

Stress is the result of how our outer environment affects our inner environment. Many common ways of dealing with stress, such as smoking, alcohol and medication use, are counterproductive, leaving us vulnerable to more stress. Try these ten easy ways to reduce stress:

1. Listen to music while going about your daily activities, such as exercising, cleaning or driving your car into work.


2. Practice breathing exercises. Slowly breathe in through your nose, exhale through your mouth. Repeat several times.


3. Write daily in a journal. Keeping a diary or journal allows you to express your deepest thoughts and feelings surrounding the daily events occurring in your life. Journaling allows you to think through your thoughts and feelings, and gain a new perspective.


4. Meditation – Close your eyes, clear your mind while focusing on the present moment.


5. Pray – Remind yourself in a quiet moment that you are not in control and mentally concentrate on turning your stressful situation(s) over to something or someone greater than yourself.


6. Taking a nap during the day. This will give you a chance to renew your energy.


7. Be an optimist – Try to find the “bright side” of situations and you will feel more positive about life’s challenges.


8. Surround yourself with positive energy – Avoid negative self-talk. Read inspirational books, listen to uplifting music and surround yourself with friends that have positive energy.


9. Get a massage – You can get your partner, friend or a professional masseuse to give you this treat.


10. Just say no –A full life is beneficial but taking on too many commitments causes stress. Don’t be afraid to say no to demands on your time which will allow more time for yourself.





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